Mr Noel Gately’s Bio


Noel GatelyMy name is Noel Gately and I graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Toxicology.I am currently in my second year ofdoctoral research into ‘The development of a polymeric site specific delivery device to aid in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome using alternative therapeutic agents’.My research is supervised by Dr James Kennedy of AIT’s Centre for Materials, Innovation and Designand Dr Paul Tomkins and the project is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Frontiers Programme.
The aim of my work will be to achieve colon targeted release of known non-toxic natural alternative therapeutic agents. The formulation will be manufactured using conventional polymer processing (melt extrusion) and will include therapeutic based clays, natural dietary fibre and natural antispasmodic agents with the objective to remove bacterial toxins, reduce inflammation, ease smooth muscle spasms and regulate stool consistency to assist ease of passage. Many drug delivery systems using biodegradable and biocompatible polymers possess great potential for the localised treatment of colonic ailments. However, current drug delivery systems have certain disadvantages and have difficulties in delivering the therapeutic agents to the specific site of treatment. Moreover, many active agents can be prematurely released in the upper gastrointestinal tract using the oral delivery route. It is envisaged that this technology will provide an alternative tailored medication for those who have not had success with pharmaceutical based treatments.

The Bioscience Research Institute has empowered me to engage in research on my selected biopolymers and pharmacologically active compounds and materials. The BRIboasts an extensive tissue culture, microbiological and biotechnological equipment which has enabled me to perform an array of characterization assays, biocompatability and toxicity testing of my materials and active compounds. I have collaborated with the Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC) based in Waterford I.T. and with the School of Pharmacy in UCC on my work.

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