The Bioscience Research Institute is situated on the East Campus of AIT and occupies the Research HUB that has 3 platform areas namely advanced image analysis, polymer synthesis and
engineering, and bioscience.

The latter houses specialist equipment, staff, postdoctoral research fellows and postgraduate students in the disciplines of toxicology, microbiology, parasitology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry and biotechnology. Advanced cell culture techniques are carried out in R & D facilities in the adjacent Midlands Innovation and Research Centre. Contact research is supported and aligned with AIT’s leading Centre for Materials Innovation and Design (CMID). The Research HUB accommodates the Office of Research that assists with enterprise of publically funded grants and TTO. Hot desking is in situ for ca. 100 postgraduate students that are strategically accommodated in three locations of the HUB to reflect different needs and stages of their academic progression along their MSc/PhD experience. Dedicated hot desking facilities are also provided for visiting researchers from both enterprise and academia in order to support and augment networking on shared projects.


  • Microscopy – bright field, fluorescence, confocal, raman, AFM, SEM-EDX – applied to living and non-living materials with image process
  • Cell culture – 2D, 3D bioreactors, micro to larger scale
  • Electrophoresis – all major forms including 2D and associated scanning
  • Gene amplification – nanocycler
  • Protein purification –FPLC
  • Analysis – many technologies, including HPLC, GC, GC-MS-TOF, GPC, TA, DSC, multiplate readers, impedence spectrometry
  • Microbiology – microbial bioreactors and fermentation technologies – climate control cabinets for accelerated life time testing
  • Toxicology – SCGE, xCelligence, mutation analysis
  • Bioprocessing – high voltage pulsed UV light, pulsed electric fields, pulsed plasma gas-discharge – with collaborative R and D links to using e-beam and cobalt 60 at Synergy Health (