• Cell line development & characterisation, gene expression, in vitro toxicology (cell & molecular),reporter systems, chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry and bioanalysis, protein purification
  • Toxicology – biocompatibility testing.
  • Drug and food bioactive delivery systems
  • Microbiology, chemical analysis and physical testing for food, water and biomaterial/device applications
  • Environmental testing (including water potability)
  • Decontamination and sterilisation (chemical biocides, novel minimal processing)
  • Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical analysis

Please forward enquires regarding contract research to Dr Alessia Stocca

BRI staff frequently support and help SMEs with both problem solving and product development/analysis via Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher and Partnership Initiatives. AIT is currently the 2nd leading higher education provider in Ireland for uptake and completion of these important initiatives with enterprise. For further details on these or related enterprise initiatives, please contact Mr Michael Lonergan, Director, Midlands Innovation and Research Centre, AIT BRI