Key research focus reflect the background, capabilities and specialisations of staff across the Bioscience Research Institute (BRI) in the domains…
The Enviroment
Areas of specific focus include water quality as it pertains to rapid detection and decontamination of microbial (including Cryptosporidium parvum…
Global developments in the Life Sciences sector – the patent cliff, sectoral convergence, downward pricing pressures from purchasers and the…
Nursing and health science, and sports science that are aligned with regional, national and international strategic needs. R & D. is focused around…

Welcome to AIT’s Bioscience Research Institute (BRI)

AIT BRIhe BRI acts as a campus-wide conduit for facilitating Bioscience R & D and contract research in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT). It particularly serves and facilitates R & D that traverses the School of Science encompassing staff of complementary expertise spanning microbiology, toxicology, chemical synthesis and analysis, cell and molecular biology, immunology, parasitology, biotechnology, food science, nutrition and health promotion from the sister departments of Nursing and Health Science and Life and Physical Science.

The BRI has distinctive research competences and focus of specialisations that fall under the strategic inter-related domains of (1) AGRI-FOOD, (2) the ENVIRONMENT, (3) PHARMA/BIOPHARMA with BIOTECH- NOLOGY and (4) HEALTH.
The BRI has been designated as a Technology Core Facility (TCF) for the North Atlantic Region via the EU Interreg Sharebiotech programme that offers expertise and contract analytical services to SMEs and MNCs in the below mentioned areas.

prof_RowanThe research focus of the BRI is informed and guided by stakeholder needs and by consultations from experts in these domains of research, which is strongly aligned with the distinctive role and mission of AIT within the Irish higher education landscape. It has a strong nexus to other critical operational functions including AIT’s Office of Research, the Midlands Innovation (MIRC), Materials Research Institute (MRI) and Software Research Institute (SRI) that supports core needs and helps realize expectations.The key objective of the BRI is to augment the seamless interface between research, education and knowledge exchange in order to optimize researcher experience, quality and the learning process and to grow the Midlands Region aligned with stakeholder needs.